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Anime Domain

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I think I have to say this first...I mean I am supposed to so I might as well right?  Okay okay, I will stop talking already... and say...yes I am getting there gosh darn it! 
WELCOME TO ANIME DOMAIN brought to you by Sage Summer (The creator of Maggies World) and JBBrown (The creator of Yu Yu Hakusho Realm )
We have decided that for your viewing pleasure we would work together to make one really totally amazing off the charts site inside of just two wonderfully, perfect sites.  How does that sound?  I thought so. 
There are about 30 anime shows on this site and we plan to make more, right JBBrown? 
You damn right sage. Two of the best anime site makers are coming together to give you one the best site on the web. If you do not see your favorite anime up there right now do not be afraid, cause it will come. Me and Sage gonna make it hot, aint that right Sage?
Well of course...but I think it would make it easier on the both of us is if you dont see an anime up on the list that you want email one of us.  Me and JBBrown are both into new anime shows and are willing to get our hands dirty, I suppose would be the right term, and try new things.  So dont be afraid to let us know, really! :)
Me an Sage are splitting up the anime, but as you will see, I have the better ones of all of them *winks to sage summer*.
Oh please, dont think for a moment that you are better then me JBBrown, cause I can kick you butt!  Literally!  *Smiles to JBBrown*  Anyway, I think we both want to simply say enjoy...


If you decide that you need to get in touch with one of us creators please feel free, you can email me at or you can email JBBrown at  We would like fan art and fan fics if you have them and of course suggestions would be wonderful!