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This is going to be really hard to put into a simply paragraph.  There are three different shows in this world.  Dragon Ball which deals with all the main characters as little kids.  There is Goku who has just reached earth and instead of destroying it like he was meant to he bumps his head and completely forgets about his mission and just tries to grow in strength with the his best friend Krillin at his side.  He goes through all these trials and things to then goes into the world tournament to try and win and then tries to get the Dragon Balls to help his friends.  Yeah so like I said, he has to go through trials. 
Dragon Ball Z deals with Goku when he is older married and has a child named Gohan.  He has to fight this big bad guy named Vegeta who is a Saiyan (Like Goku).  Of course at this point Goku has lost his tail which just so happens to have a great deal of power and Vegeta still has his.  However to save his friends and bring them back to life they needs the Dragon Balls.  Bulma, Gohan and Krillin (if my minds hasnt failed me) go to Namk to get the dragon balls from the Namk people.  The gaurdian of Earth and his alterego (literally) created the Dragon balls of earth but Kami dies and without him they cant exist.  Goku revives and goes after them while training on the ship.  This were Frieza comes in.  He looks and sounds like a girl, but he is a guy.  And he is dangerous.  He destroys all the Namk people to get the Dragon Balls.  Krillin and Gohan are the only ones there do defend the Namks.  Goku as usual arrives in the nic of time to help them transforming into a Super Saiyan, and wins after a great fight.  But then android 17 and 18 and the future Trunks comes into the picture.  Turns out that a creature named Cell is being created out of the ruins of all the great opponents of Goku.   However it is actually Gohan who defeats him in the end.  But then there is another problem, a creature named Buu comes into the picture.  And this is where the characters have combine together to get strong enough to beat him.  (Now you know why I said this is hard to explain, right!)
This is were GT comes into the picture.  The world is safe and there are new characters.  Gotan, Pam and of course all the old characters including Goku as a child again.  I think it is funny to hear all these older people calling this kid grandpa and dad.  However this Tuffle being has come back to get revenge for the death of his people.  And Goku transforms into something far beyond even a super saiyan 3 (or Monkey which is what Goku means!)  And Trunks, Gotan, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 18, and all the others have to fight this being to stop him from ruling the world. 
In all honesty these guys have a really hard time trying to just live a normal life.  With all these interruptions like bad guys and death.  I mean who has time to enjoy life anymore?