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Plot:  Vash is known as the Humanoid Tiphone, and has a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head for blowing up Augusta, so every where he goes there are always horrible things following this man.  Vash fights for love and peace and never wants to even raise his weapon against anyone not even a bad guy who is out to get him.  (Sometimes that stupid). He loves life and wants to save everyone but he cant when his twin brother Knives is the exact opposite.  Knives rather see all humans dead, and he wants to turn Vash into the one doing the killing.  He uses Legato and the Gun oh Gunsmen to do this, including a person named Nicolas D wolfwood who is also a gun oh gun and one of Vash's really close friends.  In the end Vash must kill to protect all that he loves going against what he was taught by his "mother" Rem.  *I am sorry Vash*


Milly and Marol are insurence agency girls and their mission is to find Vash the Stampeed and watch his every move and make claims on the reckage he has done to a town.  For a while Marol had a hard time believe that this clutz of a man was the actual Stampeed.  Although I dont blame her, how can a man who goes ga ga over women, and screams when he gets shot at be the ace gunmen?  But he is, and when Vash saves a group of women from being killed by only using 5 bullets to reproject a  huge machincal flying fist coming at them, her whole attitude towards him changes. 
Milly always knew he was Vash, and well she just flat out loves the guy and not in a sexual way, more like in a friend way, and hates that all these bad things keep happening to him.  Milly is sweet and loving and can never see wrong in anything.  Marol is up tight and pushy, but she too has her soft side, and after she realizes that she loves Vash things between them change, but nothing happens. And in the end Marol realizes that all the lives Vash had touched including hers where all changed and for the better.


Legato is Knives's personal assissant, he is usually the one that does the dirty work for Knives.  Legato has mental powers and is able to control what people do and how they move.  Most of the time he has others killing others instead of his own hand getting dirty.  He has even forced Vash into doing things that Vash regreted doing, like forcing him to use his ability to create a gun in his arm with the power to blow a hole in the moon.  But in the end he and Vash face off and  he forces Vash into killing him by taking over the mind of the towns people and having them attack Milly and Marol.  All Vash could do was pull the trigger. 


Vash the Stampeed although very clutzy and woman loving and well just plan weird at times is actually a very carefree and loving guy when he is calm or has to hide his past from Milly, and Marol, and even at some points Nicholas.  And most of the time people couldnt tell you whether his moves were just plain luck or if he really knew what he was doing.  However when the going gets tough and when he is really needed to be the ace gunmen he is there.  But I am warning you guys Dont push him.  Because he may seem friendly, but when you kill some one and he is there he wont look away lightly.  His eyes turn evil and vengence is all he can see.


Nicholas D Wolfwood is supposedly a Traveling Priest who lives on the out skirts of a town trying to help orphaned children that he took in.  Althought that may be true there is a hidden past to Wolfwood.  When Nicholas was a child his parents where killed and he was an orphan.  A man came and trained him the art of gun shooting and killing.  He was to be a Gun Oh Gun, and his first target was Vash.  But after alot of time being with Vash he backs off and realizes that he cant kill such on honest and caring man.  But dont worry, Vash is not totally fooled he knows there is something wrong with Nicholas's story when Nicholas shows off his gunmenship, and trust me, he and Vash are always deadnuts equal.  Nicholas is also caring and is always surpirsed by Vash's abilities to always get himself out of any perdicament, and I mean any.  (Nicholas is my Favorite character in this show, sweet, seductive, mysterious, who couldn't love this guy?)


Knives is exactly the same thing as Vash, they are twin brothers and just like Vash he is what they call a plant, becuase he is not human and can morph his hand, not to mention live forever like plants.  Knives unlike Vash believes that to have them survive in their type of world all the humans that live on that planet need to die and he wants Vash to be the one to kill them all.  Knives even killed Rem, the one person that treated Vash and Knives like humans and he killed her. All Vash now wants is revenge, but he doesnt want to kill Knives, he wants to protect him.
I can see where Knives is coming from.  In one Ep. it shows Knives killing a spider to save a Butterfly, he knew that to save one the other had to die, and he wanted to save the more beautiful of the two.


Rem is just a young woman with a lot of hope for the future of the humans.  Earth was destroyed and they found a new planet, however there was not alot of water and the other people running the shuttle didnt want to land because it was all desert.  However Knives stops their choice, he programs the shuttle and all the sleeping people to their domb, he was going to let Rem live for Vash's sack but she does all the she can to save some of the people and she gets killed herself.  The last thing she told Vash was "take care of Knives" before she closed the door to the escape pod.

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