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Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion is another Sci Fi favorite of mine.  Its really out there.  The polar ice caps have melted at this time, and there are only a few places still above water.  But the worst of it all is that aliens come down and destroy what is left of the world, that the humans call Angels.  The fate of the world is left up to three young kids have been chosen to save the world!  They have to use large mobile suits that are some how alive to fight the Angels off. And the creator of these machines and the head of NERV (The last defense of the planet!) just so happens to also the be the father of Shinji, who just so happens to be one of the chosen.
Shinji Ikari:  He is sweet and some times dumb, no offense to him or anything.  He just seems a bit out there.  At first he doesnt want to be a pilot but when he sees Rei in all the bandages and with all the medical equipment he feels bad because they are about to put her back in the suit to fight.  So he goes and fights to protect her from the battle.(Eva02)
Rei Ayanami:  She is bio-engineered and doesnt really have emotion, but you can tell she has a thing for Shinji.  She was the first chosen and was made simply to pilot.  But she also is meant to save the world *Covers her mouth*  Sorry spoiler. (Eva01)  
Asuka Langley:  I am not much of a fan of this girl.  She is very head strong and has a huge crush on Shinji, plus she is greatly jealous of Rei because Rei just gets what needs to be done as well as Shinji.  The both of them can just enter the suit and be fine but she is having a hard time trying to pilot the Eva03, and she is mean about it.  But she has a her sweet moments.