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Yu Yu Hakusho

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Yu Yu Hakusho


I have realized that I am a hard core boy anime fan.  I dont recall a single anime that I have watched that deals with girls.  *Shrugs* Oh well...
This is Yu Yu Hakusho.  One of my all timers.  Yu Yu Hakusho follows this 15 year old boy through his life.  Sounds pretty boring, but in actual fact he just so happens to be the biggest badest bully of them all.  Yusuke Uerameshi and everyone is scared of him.  He doesnt do nice things and he hates to be bossed around.  One day he saves a little boy and instead gets killed.  Now this really shakes up the spirit world because Yusuke saving somebody?  Well they make an ordeal.  If Yusuke becomes a spirit detective he can go back to the human world.  So he does.  And now he has to deal with demons that try to cross over to the human world.  Tough job, let me tell you.  However his rival and now best friend Kuwabara just so happens to sense "ghosts" and spirit energy and he joins Yusuke in the fight against evil.  Also two demons join up with Yusuke.  Hiei a bad ass fire demon and Youko Kurama or Shuichi (his human name.)  Kurama was a fox demon that ran into the human world and implanted himself into a woman's womb and was born there.  He looks human and he goes to school and all that, but he has a great maniplution with planets and is so smart.  He figures everything out pretty quick and even sometimes I think he is too good for his own good.  (Yes as you could have guessed he is my Favorite Character).  Hiei is all the ball as well.  Dont count him out when it comes to figuring things out.  He and Kurama are dead nuts on that level, but Kurama is nicer about it!  Kuwabara isnt stupid but he is not the brightest bulb of the bunch either.  He does have his moments, but he is the sheer brute kind of guy.  Yusuke just has sheer determination and he is completely street smart! 
All together these guys make a really wonderful anime series.  I cant wait until I see the ep where *Spoiler!* Yusuke finds out he is half demon!





Isn't Kurama just so wonderfully handsome?  I thought so too!  *smiles*