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Wolfs Rain

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This is a weird kind of show because it doesnt deal with demons or humans at all, it deals with wolves.  You heard me, wolves that can change into humans.  And no its not the other way around.  They are really wolves, that is their true form.  These 'boys' are traveling trying to find paradise, because in this time wolves are looked down upon, and all these boys want is to live in paradise.  Now dont ask me what paradise is, because I honestly dont know.  However Cheza does.  Cheza is a flower maiden.  She is a replica (bio-engineered human) of a moon flower and only she can leads these wolves to paradise, but the last remaining Royal wants Cheza to save his wife.  I believe he is also part wolf, but dont hold me to that...I havent see the whole show yet.  However these wolves had to go on a long and trying journey to reach paradise and they are willing to do anything to get there, even if it costs them their lives.  Determination...gotta love it!

Kiba (Translation: Fang) even though he says that this pack has no leader all the other look to him for guidence.  Plus he is the one with all the determination.  Talk about one track mind!  He is a sweet kid though and just wants to be happy in paradise.  I cant blame him especially after all the stuff that happens to him.  I think out of the whole show Kiba is the one that gets hurt the most, but he does it to save the others and Cheza.


Hige (Translation:  Whiskers) is the immature one out of all the group and he can only think with his stomach.  If his nose tells him food he goes for it, either that or trails after pretty women.  I believe he is the comic relief of the story.


Tsume (The T is silent!  Translation: Claw)  I dont know why but for some reason I always have a thing for the smart ones that are strong, go figure.  Anyway Tsume isnt much into the pack at first but they grow on him.  He always has to say his piece and he is a strong fighter, but he dresses like a girl!  Another thing that I dont understand about myself...I hate women for the most part but I like guys that look gay, thank god most aren't!


Toboe (Translation: Howling) is the youngest and the most innocent.  *Sighs* I wish I should be that ignorant.  Anyway he always looks on the bright side and loves to enjoy life.  He is really close with Tsume and sort of sees him like an older brother figure.  Kind of nice...