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Saiyuki, what am I supposed to say about this?  Well lets see...demons, monks, and the occational Godly interference.   Wondering what I am talking about arent you.  *smiles* 
The story is about four guys on a journey to the west (India) to see why all the demons are acting weird and talking off their power limiters and allowing themselves to transform.  Now you have to understand Youkai (Demons) and Ningens (Humans) have been living like brothers, co -existing until human science and demon magic began to mix creating this weird reaction.  These four guys have to stop this and stop the awakening of a demon that wanted to rule over the humans instead of living with them along time ago. 


Son Goku,  18 (over 500 years actually but looks 18) and dangerous.  He is a demon but because of his human nature and his strong power Goku is able to control himself.  Goku is a monkey Demon, and is always getting made fun of by Goyjo.  He thinks with his stomach but when it comes to Sanzo he is completely there.  Sanzo saved Goku from his prison and now will do whatever he can to help the Priest.  He is a powerful fighter, and only a power limiter made by the gods can control his demon self.  His main weapon is his staff that can grow and strink at his whim. 
"Stop looking at them like their different or we are better.  We are all the same, all of us, although they cook better than I do"  Goku sticking up for humans


Now to me this is a man (Hakkai is my favorite character!) 
Cho Hakkai is also 22 and a demon, however because of his human qualities and his past he is able to control his demon side, but dont get me wrong if he, like Goku, took off his power limiter he would be one power son of a bitch demon.  Hakkai has a dark past and death travels with him.  He was a human once but it was legend that if a human bathed in the blood of a thousand demons that they themselves would become a demon.  It's a true legend.  Hakkai's lover was taken raped and inpregnanted with a demon child from a demon clan.  In revenge he stormed the clan hidout killing ever single demon (or a thousand) and he himself became a demon, and all that death was added to when his lover killed herself because she didnt want to bare that child.  Durning the fight he got a scar across his stomach and he cant see out his left eye.  He is hard to read some times.  You have to question when he is joking or being serious.  But he, as I said, powerful.  I like his comarde as well.  A dragon that can turn into a jeep. 
"Good going Sanzo.... Its quiet back there, are you two making?"  Hakkai agreeing with Sanzo's quote.



Genjo Sanzo, a 23 year old monk.  But he isnt at all into the religion of the budda's like he should be, because he thinks people like that are, how shall I say, ah yes, ignorant.  Sanzo carries a gun, drinks beer, smokes and gambles. He doesnt sound like a priest to me.  But he has a great power with his Maten Scripture and knows his martial arts. Sanzo doesnt have any parents (That we know of!), and he was found floating down a river in a basket.  His late master, another Sanzo Priest took him in and that's how Sanzo became a Sanzo.  He is powerful and is in high respect with the gods.  Now please explain to me how this kind of man got in with the gods?
"This unrequieted love affair is really starting to piss me off...get a room!" Sanzo yelling at Gojyo and Goku 


Sha Goyjo, 22 and a half demon.  Thats right, you heard me.  He is a half demon which is wrong just like mixing science and demon magic together.  He is looked down upon by both demon and humans alike.  His red (Pinkish Purple!) hair is really his hair color and he only shows whether his bottom part matches to the prettiest of girls.  He smokes, drink, gambles, and is hugely into womanizing.  Go figure, but you always have to have the womanizer in any wonderful anime.  However I think its just a cover!  He is strong but Goyjo is the type of guy to not let you in.  He doesnt let others see who he is not even his good friend Hakkai.  Goyjo's was attacked by his mother because he was half demon and his half brother saved him, by killing his mom.  Sad really, but because of this and him being a half demon Gojyo is perfect for the mission, like Goku is.
"So you want to know if the carpet matches the draps do ya....only good looking girls find that out"  Gojyo