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I dont think I need to introduce this show, but just to be fair I will.  Cowboy Bebop every one!  Okay, this is one of my favorite animes of all times.  Thats right, you heard it from me!
This is a character driven story.  Spike, Jett, Edward, Ein and Faye make a great space bounty hunting team.  I feel really sorry for Spike.  He hates dogs, and Ein is not only a dog but a smart dog.  Why do you think he is named after Albert Einstin? He hates Tomboys, and Faye, even though dresses very outragous she can toot a gun and kill them like the best, plus she is one hell of a card player but loses a lot of her money!  Spike hates authority and even though Jett is his good friend, Jett is still an ex-cop.  Go figure.  Most of all however, Spike hates kids.  Dont be fooled by the Edward.  She (yes Edward is a girl!) is a brain and is known to be the best computer hacker of her time, and she is only like 10.  But she is a crazy 10 year old, and as they say there is a fine line between genius and insanity.  I think Edward crossed that line. 
Spike has to deal with this crew of bounty hunting misfits while still trying to run from his past.  Good luck Cowboy...



The whole group boys, girls and other.  Dont knock what you dont know!


This is Julia, Spike's love and love of his long time rival of the the show and once best friend and student.  Who would have ever guessed?
But as they say on the show.....
You'll be carrying that weight...See Ya Cowboy...