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This is another one of those shows that deals with the whole idea of gundams and colonies out in space, however there really is no war between the two of them.  Instead there are gundam fights.  Thats right, each colony which as the name Neo in front of it has a person that has been chosen to represent that colony.  However there is a lot more to it all.  A dark gundam wants to destory them all.  And five gundam pilots which make up the Royals are destined to fight the Dark gundam and save everyone while still dealing the the tournament and their enemies.



Domon Kasshu:  Neo Japan.  He is hard going and refuses to back down from a fight, no matter who it is with. He has a great deal of respect for his Master who just so happens to be the pilot of the Dark gundam.  Sorry Domon
Chibodee Crocket:  (Sounds like Jimminy Crocket!)  Neo America.  He is womanizing and loves to have women around him all the time.  He has a great deal of respect for Domon and protects him when he can.
George de Sand:  Neo France and such a sweet heart.  He has a great deal of honor and is really smart.  Plus he is my  favorite character.  ( I did say I liked the smart ones right?)  He fights for his country and will do anything for the Princess who is totally inlove with him.  No offense but I am not much of a fan of her.  She pretends to get kidnapped by Domon and pits the two pilots against each other just becasue she wanted Sand to save her!
Sai Saici:  Neo China.  He really doesnt want to be in this battle.  He is forced to by the monks.  However Sai maybe just a kid really but he is a good fighter and only fights in the gundam battles for his father and his own want, nothing else. 
Argo Gulskii:  Neo Russia.  I feel bad for Argo.  He is fighting in the gundam battles because his friends are in jail and the woman he is always with threats to send them into to their deaths if he doesnt win.  Harsh man.  He maybe  silent but he is a really good fighter.
Shwarz Bruder:  Neo Germany.  Even though he seems like a bad guy, he really isnt.  He is actually *SPOILER!* the brother of Domon and is always teaching Domon more about himself and his abilities as well as his abilities with the gundam.  I lied earlier, Shwarz is my favorite character!  He is sweet, smart, dark and mysterious (all the things a girl wants! Although he isnt one a girl would bring home to her father, Sand is!).  And he is one hell of a pilot.  He comes out of nowhere and helps Domon while forcing him to use his powers.