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This is another one of those involved kind of stories and its an anime that should be watched from the complete beginning to understand what the hell is going on.  However for those of you who have entered the story some where after the first ep let me explain what's going on.
Present Day:  Kagome is a 15 year old girl who has this jewel called the Shikon Jewel that has the power to turn demons into more powerful demons, or half demons into full demons.  When in the hands of a Priestess it can grant a half demon the power to be a human.  (Demons dont exist in this time however, its just like our world!)
Past: Inu Yasha, a half demon and Kikio,  the Priestess, have fallen in love.  A man named Onigumo or Naraku (now) pitted Inu Yasha and Kikio against one another killing Kikio and pinning  Inu Yasha to a tree for 50 years. 
The present day girl mixing with the past world:  (Dangerous mix...)Now Kagome comes around and let me tell you, she just so happens to be the reincarnation of Kikio and holds the jewel inside her body.  She falls through a well at her home and some how or another ends up in the Futial Era of Japan, where Inu Yasha has been pinned to a tree for the last 50 years.  A demon attacks her and tries to take the jewel so Kagome free's Inu Yasha and he saves her only to take the jewel from her.  However she gets it back and when another demon takes it, a bird demon, Kagome tries to shoot it down with a bow and arrow only to have the arrow hit the jewel, breaking it into shards that spread all over the Futial Japan.  She and Inu Yasha now have to work together to collect the shards and put the jewel back together before Naraku does.  They meet up with a weird bunch, a child fox demon, a monk that loves woman with a wind tunnel for a right hand and a demon hunter's who whole family was slaughtered.  All want revenge by killing Naraku, who pitted them all against each other or their loved ones. And all the while Kagome still has to deal with her feelings for Inu Yasha, fight demons and pass all her school exams!