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This needs to be said, there is no way I can explain this 13 episode show without bringing out that little fact that this show is pure Yaoi.  For those who dont understand that word, it is Japanese for Gay, or Homosexual. Which means, that this show contains sexual things between two men! 
Okay, for those who werent closed minded about that little detail I shall explain.  The pink haired kid, Shuichi wants to be a famous singer from a band and even starts a band called Bad Luck with his best friend and comrade Hiroshi.  It may sound crazy but the two of them are in love with Nittle Gasper, another band that is now a big hit.  Shuichi dress like Ryuuichi in every way.  With the hair, the clothing, and the additude.  I have to say one thing however, the clothing is so feminine! 
Yeah I know you are probably wondering, 'where's the yoai!'  Well that is were Yuki comes in.  He is a famous romance novelist, how ironic of him actually.  He is so far from romantic its not even funny.  He is suicidal and hates showing his emotion.  When Shuichi falls for him and invites himself to live with Yuki, Yuki says that he isnt into men and let alone a 19 year old boy like Shuichi!  However in the end he opens up, when Shuichi helps him and brings out Yuki's loving and emotional side.  And even takes Shuichi's virignity!   I know to much information right?  Well its a good anime, and forgetting that the relationship is between to men its a great show to watch.  (Sometimes I think Shuichi wants to be a woman, in one show he dresses like a girl and as I said the band outfits are completely feminine...)