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Heero Yuy: (15, Japan) He was trained to be the perfect soldier.  Infilitrate and assassinate his only orders.  He had no room for emotion, only sought to save his home against OZ.  But you learn that he does have emotion and even saves Relena Peacecraft from death, even when he himself was meant to kill her because she learned he was the pilot of Wing Zero.
Duo Maxwell: (15, America) He is a spirited young man and loves life.  He is happy go lucky and refuses to back down from a challenge.  He even is able to break through Heero's tough shell of a heart.  Duo is known as the God of Death and his suit the Deathsycthe. 
Trowa Barton: (17, ?)  He is a quite man, but when he says something everyone listens.  He is bright and strategic.  His past is a mystery but in the Movie Endless Waltz you learn that Trowa Barton was once a soldier with no name but took control of the suit Heavyarms when the real Trowa Barton still planned to destroy all the peopel of earth.  (Yes you could have guess that he is my favorite Charater!)
Quatre Rarabra Winner: (15, Arabia)  The only boy of 39 girls, and a test tube baby, he is the hire to the Winner corp.  He becomes the pilot to save his family.  He is loving but what he lacks in battle skills he makes up in determination to save people.  He hates to see innocent people die.  Quatre is loyal and faithful and will never faulter  in his want for peace.
Wufei Chang:  Raised by monks, Wufei is into honor and believes that OZ doesnt deserve any respect for killing innocent lives.  He believes that only people strong enough should fight and women arent strong enough.  Dont worry he changes his tone when he meet Sally Po.  When he first meets Treize he loses the spar but that loss makes him work harder to be better than him.  In the end he is the one to defeat Treize.


Gundam wing is an involved story.  Five boys, one from each of the surrounding space colonies around Earth, are sent to earth to destroy all the people Earth.  However these five boys, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Rarabra Winner, and Wufie Chang, dont want to kill 2 million people, they just simply want to fight for the freedom of their homes against Earth that wishes to dominate over them.  The boys use Mobile suits called Gundams and battle the earth forces or Romefeller Foundation and OZ (The Order of the Zodiac).  Many OZ soldiers fear the suits as well as respect these boys.  These boys are the best of the best and will do anything, even willing to fight to the death for what they believe in.  Even the leader of OZ, Treize Kushronada, sees this and respects the five pilots.  As the story goes on you learn more about these boys and their pasts...


In the end the Gundam Pilots learn that it is Treize who has complete control and that the Romefeller foundation wasnt trying to control the colonies but co-exist with them.  Treize doesnt want this and he is the one who manipulates the Gundam pilots into killing the Earth and Colony alliences which starts the war Between Earth and the Colonies. 
I hope they win....guess you'll just have to watch and find out now wont ya?